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More launch modes and sync setting per track


In song mode, it would be nice to have more settings per track how it behaves upon triggering, retriggering and syncing to the other tracks or the "grid".

For example:

Options define how tracks responds to being triggered:

  • Retrigger - Track triggers on each press (the track Trigger sync setting determines immediacy).
  • Hold & stop - Track triggers on press, plays while held and stops on release.
  • One shot - Play once and stop
  • Latch - Repeated presses cycle between play and stop.

Trigger sync - Controls the trigger-timing for Tracks:

  • Off - Track start as soon as triggered.
  • 1/4 beat to 4 beats - Tracks are triggered on the next 1/4 to 4 beats.
  • Auto - Defined by the length of the Track being triggered (up to 4 beats).

Extra option: Tolerant (on/off) - Track normally missed when triggered slightly late will be triggered immediately, so a small part at the beginning of the Track will be truncated (this is usually preferable to delaying the Track until the next bar).

Position sync - Controls from where within the bar Track start playing:

  • Off - Play starts from the beginning of the Clip.
  • 1/4 beat to 4 beats - Playback starts within the Track to the nearest 1/4 to 4 beats.
  • Auto - Playback starts from the current song position. This allows you to start playback from the correct point inside a Track regardless of when it was triggered.

(Inspirated by the FL Studio manual)


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,029

    Cool overview, thanks.
    Would be cool to have more flexibility.

    Yeah, IMHO the current section options Infinite, Shared and fixed-repeat-number are a dark spot of the Deluge. Havent found any usage for this, all my sections are set to infinite.
    Fixed-repeat-number don't make sense for me as it jumps back to the previously active section. Shared is rather confusing, the difference to Infinite is subtle. Fixed-repeat-number actually means maximum of played back repetitions. It should rather be implemented as minimum of played back repetitions, so a setting of "1" would mean a section is always played to its end, a setting of "4" could be handy for a chorus.

    Another IMHO dark spot is that Deluge switches sections depending on the length of the launched section rather than the length of the currently active section. Confusing.
    Oldie but goldie, still highly valid:
    "-Change sequence time based on "longest" or "shortest" loop *"

    I really ask myself if it would make sense to completely throw away the current section options. I wonder if there are users that depend on shared or fixed-repeat-number options? If there are none, guess it is empirically proven the section launch options need a rewrite.
    Maybe I am totally wrong and other users found good ways, would be interested to hear how shared and fixed-repeat-number are getting used.

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