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Parameter knob maintenance


When I press down on the top gold parameter knob and turn - It now feels like it's scraping something metallic - I'm a little concerned I might be damaging it by doing so. Have you encountered this before, and would you recommend taking the knob off to take a look?


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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    same here, I think it is related to shipping... I suppose If we lose the screw and move the knob a bit up and tight it back ... haven’t got the chance to do it .BTW for me it is the bottom left golden knob ...

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    workergrayworkergray Saint Petersburg FloridaPosts: 174

    same here-- top gold knob

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    keppecokeppeco Posts: 10

    a couple of my knobs feel loose, and one is not centered. I just hope it doesn't cause a problem.

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