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Blink some lights on midi input

o0_o0_ SANTA MONICAPosts: 107

Unless I missed something in manual, there doesn't seem to be any feedback at all to let a user know that the Deluge is receiving MIDI events. Pretty much every single synth I have offer some sort of feedback.


  1. having the little usb/battery LED blink when there is any event on the port the Deluge is attached to would be re-assuring. ( ie am I even sending a signal to that box? why is it not making any sound? )
  2. In track mode, light up the audition pads based on note-on/note-off messages ( for both Synth and Kit tracks )
  3. in the keyboard view, light up the pad based on note-on/note off messages. ( again to help visualizing the midi input )

Bonus points. In the play mode ( but without recording ) light up the pads as the "play cursor" passes over them, as if they were programmed into the Deluge sequencer. Not only this would make a really cool light show, but could be useful to practice a pattern from an external controller, but then program it in step mode, rather than live record mode. This should look a lot like those radar displays, leaving a trail of notes behind the play cursor, only to replace them when the cursor reset to the beginning.


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