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Question about transitions, song to song.


Was wondering how the Deluge handles transitions from song to song. What's the workflow like in a live situation?

For example can you drop out elements from one song and add the elements of the next song? Trying to understand how one would do a set of songs and move from one to the other on the Deluge.


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    HolidayHoliday CanadaPosts: 53
    edited June 2018

    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking about. Transitional elements. Eventually I'd like to run it with external synths & drum machine to which I can fade elements at the mixer level. Just curious about what transitions I can do just within the Deluge.

    Actually a cool feature would be setting one of the knobs to crossfade elements from one track to the next. Like a master knob that has a number of CCs assigned to change parameters per track or across multiple tracks. I think the Octatrack does something like that with the slider.

    On a side note I'm surprised Dapayk Solo hasn't done a video performance on the Deluge yet. He does performances on just about every piece of new kit.

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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 80
    edited June 2018

    Add your idea to the suggestions page I know it's getting a bit bloated now but this one might gather some traction if it could be implemented it would be a sweet addition

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