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Hey guys it's me DNSB and I'm from the UK! Thoughts so far!

dsnbdsnb TwickenhamPosts: 4

Couple of thoughts so far:

  • Deluge is the best kept secret of the synth world. It shoulnd't be that way - it's a shame the video tutorials are so home-growned, the prod values on the marketing is oh-hum and the community a bit dormant (just compared the results on YT with regards to 'cover song made with xyz'). I'd like to see more effort put into marketing as it's a product that deserves great marketing to match its great features!
  • What made me press the 'buy' button was the firmware upgrades and excellent community support. These synthstrom guys love what they do and it shows. What a keen eye for the community - i love them! They deserve my money far more than any faceless corporation.
  • The forums really need more moderation. I work in IT and I can tell this forum is being heavily trolled by spammers and bad actor (I spotted at least one). Intro posts shouldn't have '0' upvotes, that's just weird. Maybe consider a move to reddit? It would bring further marketing to the product.
  • The quality of the device itself is well, it feels homemade. But that's OK because i absolutely love this. It's almost like holding a custom piece in your hands. A cheap plastic toy it isn't!
  • Been playing with it for the last 4 hours and having a blast. The workflow seems eons ahead of the competition. It's really, really intuitive. And it helps that it looks incredible in the dark haha - i gets tons of questions from passersby :)
  • It's not a 'daw' in a box but these things don't exist, period. I looked at everything and even if money was no object you simply cannot buy one because they aren't made. Full production capabilities options are not portable because they are meant to be in a studio, where space is available. Out of all the portable units out there, the Deluge is by far the most fully featured - by FAR.

That's it for now. Light on content I know, I want to put it through its paces and review it then, in full. But so far i'm thrilled. It really seems to be the little unit that could. I love it!


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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, GermanyPosts: 96
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    :) welcome

    +1 for more moderation !

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff Posts: 267
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    Chur chur, welcome to the team!

    Haha, so you know, we market very lightly and passively, as we only just keep up with demand as is, if we went out with a big campaign we'd sell out instantly and run out and disappoint people - we went through that cyclical stage in the past and we're trying to just keep in stock constantly now, which is difficult - we don't want to go back to waiting lists again (if we can help it). We basically do what we need to do to keep ticking along. Our videos are DIY because we make them in our lounges on rickety tripods (and then record the audio poorly) :)

    Rather than spending too much energy on visible marketing we spend that time fielding enquiries, engaging in public demos and developing the software, there is truth to the adage that when you make something good that it sells itself. There is marketing going on in the background, but its very different to other companies etc. Ie, you'll see us do things like demos at peoples houses, throw parties, workshops. I just spent today doing around 6 hours of workshops. We do these all over the place. We're a very personal company - we like to sell our devices direct to people and we like to meet people. You'll see lots more of that from us this year through lots of countries - we're throwing a party next week in Berlin with a dozen of our users, we just like hanging out, meeting people and sharing our passion - I'd rather spend effort doing that than anything else, much more rewarding personally.

    I'll be in the UK in late June doing some workshops and events, so maybe see ya there!

    It is still very early days for the forum, we don't have the user base that other product have, plus many users like using the "open group" on Facebook, and hey, if the platform works for them, it works for them.

    Welcome :)

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    MPrinsenMPrinsen NetherlandsPosts: 125

    Ian, I think you are doing great the way you do.

    I think more companies should focus more on improving their products and listening to the wishes of their users and less on marketing.

    I agree that it has been "the best kept secret", but I bet, we are at a point that more and more people are becoming aware of the Deluge and people are so excited about it, they become like ambassadors and the Deluge will sell faster and faster without more marketing. Especially if you keep up with updating and improving it!

    Keep up the good work!!

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