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Please ban Alien_brain from this forum


I am proposing to ban Alien_brain from this forum. Please upvote if you think so too.

Single reason which should cause this:

  • Use of the word faggot ("What a faggot") when flagging a discussion. The word faggot comes from comparing gay people with wood to start a fire and is highly insulting.

Other reasons:

  • Doesn't treat other users with respect (forum rule 1)
  • Lots of irrelevant posts / spam. Starts filling up useful discussion with his - in most cases - irrelevant opinions and destroys the discussion by doing so (forum rule 2)
  • Insulting and flaming, personal attacks (forum rule 3)
  • Petty and infantile (forum rule 4)
  • Has used a sexist avatar (photo of a naked woman painted as a cow) - forum rule 6
  • discrimination on the basis of sexuality (see above) - forum rule 7

Examples below:

waaaah you huuuurt my feeeewings fuck off.

whaat? is this a communication from the untouchables to all the useful idiots? to what do we owe this privilege?

too many monkeys in here

still missing the point. theres too much noise around here anyway, who can blame you tho? its not your fault that you dont understand my point. either that or you are being daft. wow. im dumbfounded. aghast. how could you miss such a glaring…

does this guy add anything to a conversation ever? you must be one of them random lovers boy! go play with your breakbeat slices an probability. you got it, you wanted it, now go show us how its done. thank you for your time.


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    hardwarecorehardwarecore wisconsinPosts: 16

    I wouldn't ban him. As pathetic as it is, it seems like this forum might be all he's got.
    His posts are a lot better once you start ignoring them. lol

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    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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