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Ideas for improve the synth engine!


Some of this suggestions are taken from another threads, some are my own ideas, but I think with a little effort from the developer, the synth can be much more interesting. And why not to try things not used in other synths?!

-Waveshaping in all waveforms (pwm)
- Use samples as LFO
- Formant, band reject, notch filters
- Use the grid for draw your own LFO's
- Wavetable engine, with wavetable travel (multi stage envelope) drawn in the grid.
- samplebased formant oscillator (that detects the pitch of your sample and tune it to C )

Any ideas?.



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    hardwarecorehardwarecore wisconsinPosts: 16

    I made a thread with an idea that would blow this synth engine wide open, as far as working with single cycle waveforms is concerned. Check it out here and upvote if you think it sounds good:

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    DarkRayDarkRay CroatiaPosts: 3

    I agree that synth engine and effects needs improvements. First of all, envelopes are linear and not so much musical. I’m used to do sound design with envelopes on which you can apply some amount of curve, especialy for plucky and percussive sounds. Lots of free vst synths have that option so i expected the same from deluge as well.

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    LjkLjk Austin Tx USAPosts: 71

    would be a great fundemental improvment. but the engine itself could use a tune-up in quality instead of options id say

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