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Polyphony / chords in piano roll?


Hi all,

I've googled for hours, read the manual and went through Youtube videos frame by frame, but still I found no answer, so let me ask the pros:

Is it possible to have polyphony on a single melody track, and edit this in the "piano roll" style editor, like in the piano rolls of a typical DAW?

In the videos I saw it looked like there is only one note lit per "time slot", and when you press another one the first one goes off, but I'd like to confirm. It would be the killer feature for me, for non-trivial chord progressions and the like.



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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 289
    Yeah it works just like a piano roll. You change the synth type to be mono or poly or 'auto' and i think if you have multiple notes on at the same time while in mono, the note with the higher velocity will sound.
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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 289
    You should be able to do what youre thinking, unless i misunderstood your question.
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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi @DCBB! Yes! You can program notes polyphonically just as you would in a DAW piano roll, with the number of voices only limited by CPU :smile:

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    DCBBDCBB BerlinPosts: 2
    edited February 2018

    @Sam @minigoat Thanks for your answers!

    Damn, now I'll probably have to order the thing... :D

    How does it work when you do polyphony in the piano roll? In all the videos I've seen, it looks like one note is unlit when you press another one in the same column. Is there some kind of "shift" key?

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 654

    Nah, notes aren't normally unlit when you press another one. When you enter multiple notes horizontally, those are multiple notes of the same pitch. So if you enter multiple ones vertically in the same horizontal postition, you get a chord.
    If you hold all those, say a triad, then press the same rows at a different horizontal position, the notes extend across as you set how long the notes play. Hope that makes sense :)

    There is a shift button, but it's not related to inputting notes in the piano roll. If you hold shift and press one of the pads in the grid, that works as a shortcut to a parameter in the audio editor, almost all of the 128 pads have shortcuts.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 654

    One of those shortcuts/ parameters is for selecting the polyphony setting of a synth/ sample, which can be Polyphonic (only limited by CPU), Mono (typical monosynth behaviour), Auto (a bit of both), and Legato (obviously also monophonic). Samples can also be set to Choke so that f.ex. an open hi-hat is choked/ cut off by a closed hi-hat.

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