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Which mic do you use?


Want to buy a 3.5mm mic, not sure what to get. The setup has to stay battery powered. Would like to record voice and doing experimental field recording.

  • Can I use multiple mics at once?
  • Would like to experiment with piezo / contact mics. Recommendations?
  • General recommendations



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    FASTFAST California

    Why not just get a hand-held field recorder? Most mics are going to require some kind of preamp and a decent field recorder could be had for what it would cost you to put together a battery-powered preamp and a pair of stereo condenser mics and all. A Zoom H4n Pro would do all of the above for $200 and you can plug any type of mic/instrument into it and leave the Deluge at home when you are field recording that lightning storm.

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    thanks for the idea, rather looking for mics that make a good fit with Deluge. doesnt have to be pro gear.

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    sony ecm-ms907... a little noisier than the onboard but also louder and stereo...very compact and you can change the stereo image on the mic. Very compact and batteries last a long time...just about a perfect match for the deluge.

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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany

    i also reactivated my old Sony Sony ECM-MS907 .. brilliant microphone btw .. :smiley:

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    I got an XLR to 1/8th inch adapter and have been using a Shure SM58. I have not messed around with it much but it did work, surprisingly.

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    thanks guys

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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USA

    Are the internal volume levels enough to not require a preamp?

    ( I used to use Mic-in on my Electribe ESX for vocals, and I would repeat it on Deluge. )

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    It would probably be a good idea if you want really clean sounding recordings. Using the SM58 with the XLR-->1/8 inch cable worked ok, but it is not ideal. I think it worked because the deluge normalizes the recordings. If you want a better signal to noise ratio on your recordings you will probably need to amp up.

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