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workergrayworkergray Gulfport, FloridaPosts: 182
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There needs to be a way to prevent dialing in a new kit on accident when editing the sounds. Currently, if I want to edit a kit, I hold down an audition pad and hit the load button. I back out until I'm in the sample-root folder, scroll to folder, press edit wheel, scroll to needed sound, press edit wheel- done. Suppose I've successfully edited a number of sounds and then I forget to do the audition/load combo or some other step and spin the edit wheel-- it loads another drum kit and my edits are lost if (god forbid) I've forgotten to save those edits. Then I have to load another song and reload the right one to get back to the last save.

I'm just hoping there's a way to prevent accidentally loading a kit/synth unless explicitly called for.

Alternately, I'd like the "save" button to default to song save. I'd like to be able to save kit/synth on-demand rather than by default when in track view.

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    workergrayworkergray Gulfport, FloridaPosts: 182

    how about you have to hold the "kit" and "synth" button to use the edit wheel to change kits/synths?

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