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SD-card fell into my synth ... how to get it out ?


I just did a backup of the content of the SD card of my deluge, and when I inserted the SD-card I somehow seam to have missed the card-reader inside the synth and instead the card fell behind the cover.
Now I can hear the card slide around when I move the synth.
Any idea how to open the synth?
Whats the size of the torx-screwdriver ?
I guess when I remove one wooden endplate it will fall out.
Do I loose waranty then ?

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    FaschingsPrinzFaschingsPrinz ViennaPosts: 21
    edited October 2019

    I was able to open the Deluge using a Torx T6 (star w/ 6 spikes).
    There are 4x of these on the top of the deluge.
    And after opening 2x furter Phillips screws on the back of the Deluge using a PH000 I was able to remove the wooden cheek and my SD-card fell out.

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    DiamondEyesDiamondEyes Maidenhead, UKPosts: 34

    Same thing happened to me a while back. There’s clearly a gap between the fascia and the card slot.

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    rastro2rastro2 United StatesPosts: 2

    I have the same problem! I will seek out a Torx T6 and check out the tutorial.

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