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Extend triplets view (Quintuplets, Heptuplets, etc.)

funkymothersfunkymothers LondonPosts: 29
edited September 2017 in Deluge Software Suggestions

It would be great to be able to extend triplets view to more quarter note subdivisions than just 3.

Pressing shift-triplets view is currently unassigned and I would love to use it for switching to Quintuplets and Heptuplets (5 and 7) subdivisions. This could be extended further of course to 9, 11, 13, etc. if considered useful.

Triplets view is a unique feature of the Deluge sequencer. I would love to be able to apply it to more adventurous subdivisions.

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    Lucky_LuxLucky_Lux PolandPosts: 14

    Totally agree! +1
    It is a "must" for a modern drummer Rohan ;)

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    MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 88

    Good suggestion - didn't find it at first due to the topic name (maybe edit it to put in "Quintuplets and Septuplets" so it is easier to find with the search as key words don't come up in search...

    Maybe just holding Triplets View button and scrolling the main selection wheel would do the trick to scroll to 5ths and 7ths. I think those 2 are really key at this stage, but any prime number could be added to expand functionality. 9ths is just triplets in a 3/4 timing so not really needed for most stuff.

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    kinakina New ZealandPosts: 27

    Oh snap, this would be sick.

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