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Discoloured pads from laptop case :(


I've been putting my Deluge inside a neoprene laptop case when not in use, and since I've noticed that the bottom few rows of pads have become a greyish colour :( I've tried gently wiping them with a baby wipe but it made no difference.

Has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone have any advice on how to bring the colour back (if possible)?


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    alien_brainalien_brain this side of common sense

    ive removed stains on plastic and rubber parts with peroxide gel and sunlight. the strongest teeth whitening gel with peroxide content works well, just apply and cover with clear plastic and place in the sun, rinse and repeat. works pretty good. of course you need to take the pads out to do this. of course do this at your own risk! this also works on yellowed plastic such as old computer parts.

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    alien_brainalien_brain this side of common sense

    this will fit btw with no interference and semi rigid protection

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