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Option for sample start/end points to measured in bars for use with long samples / stems

Trevor_RefixTrevor_Refix BC, Canada

Now that mid sample playback is a reality in 2.0 (so cool!), it would be great if in the zone (sample start /stop) menu we could choose "bars" as a measurement in addition to the current seconds / milliseconds to make it easier to work with long samples. This addition would really ramp up the "remix" capability of the Deluge.

For example: You've dumped a bunch of long stems from a DAW (or from re-sampling) and you want to remix and re arrange the audio. The chorus of the stem starts at bar 32 and ends at bar 40, and to quickly isolate this, you could set sample start and end to those points very easily if "bars" was an option, copy the track, and then have the chorus start on bar 1 on a new track. Finding the bar 32 start point using seconds / milliseconds is pretty tedious right now!

It was pointed out on my facebook post suggesting this that using the slicer is kind of a workaround to at least get that start point found quickly, but even if the chunk you're wanting to work on is evenly mathematically dividable in the track, you still have to find the end point using seconds/ms and changing the length of your slice as you're working would also get you back to scrubbing a bar lengths by seconds.

So stoked on this machine!!


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    Trevor_RefixTrevor_Refix BC, Canada

    Only 5 upvotes for this? No one else is interested in an easy way to do non destructive stem chopping? :)

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