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date/time for SD-data ?


currently there seams to be no clock/date within deluge.
Because of that you can not see any date/time-stamps on data written on the SD-card (blank date)
Therefor you have no chance to know when a certain song/patch/.. was created/written.
It would help if this somehow could be accomplished since backing-up data would be much easier - since only numbers and no names are available for filenames.


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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 289


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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USAPosts: 120

    it'd be better to have, but may not be possible if there's no clock in the machine.

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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    +1 ... helps with organization

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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICAPosts: 107

    There should be a clock in the machine, it has a CPU, and a battery and a high quality crystal to have a stable OSC range. it would be seriously weird if that thing couldn't emit a simple timestamp.

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    FaschingsPrinzFaschingsPrinz ViennaPosts: 21

    .. question is if clock is running while powered down

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