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Synth patches have a set of parameters auto-mapped to midi controller for performance (like ableton)

PhilPhil Montréal, Québec, canadaPosts: 82

Just like ableton live instrument racks.
This way, you only have to set in the deluge global setting a set of midi CC# your performance controller sends (a set of 8 CC is usually good for expressive performance).
Each synth patches have its own set of 8 carefully chosen parameters that'll give that unique patch it's own expression "palette". Those parameters will be automatically controlled by the 8 CC# global set whenever this track is selected.

Expression and automation made easier : "auto-mapped".

That would make each synth patches expressively shines without headache.

Drum tracks (drum sets perhaps) could have the same.

Ableton nailed it and I think it could be easily done on deluge.

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    PhilPhil Montréal, Québec, canadaPosts: 82

    If you are familiar with the Novation Circuit, the 8 knobs do pretty much that except they are macro-controllers affecting more than 1 parameter per knob. I am opened to macros, but a set of 8 parameters is powerful enough and simplifies the allocation.

    I really hope this idea will gain traction.

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