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This is an amazing machine guys - well done!

VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USA

Wow. All I can say after getting mine today and going through a grueling 6 more hours of work before I could unbox it is that this thing is amazing after just an hour playing with it. The immediate feedback of the lighted pads and ability to easily scroll is unbelievably cool. I use a lot of different sequencers too. I think this will rapidly become a favorite.

The size of this thing is perfect and everything feels really well built. Haven’t even had to crack the manual yet, but definitely will study all I can to get the most out of it.

I actually like sequencing on my Spectralis 2 and for some people that is a confusing sequencer (oh but the potential of the thing is astounding) and this is very easy comparatively. Crazy ordering it Sunday and getting it in California, USA on a Wednesday morning. That’s quick. This gear is intuitive.

I’ve no doubt that I will be getting a lot out of it. I found both my Spectralis 2 and my mv8800 to be fairly easy to get into and there are some descriptions on forums of those two that would steer plenty of folks away from those machines. This is miles easier to start making tracks on.

Well done Synthstrom Audible.

I’ll update this after awhile. Time to have some real fun playing it.


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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany
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    nearly every user is feeling like you :) you are not alone.

    i also own a spectralis .. one of the first since the release of it.

    but deluge is blowing my mind :) i think the new songmode wont make it better .. f**k i want this update. hrhr

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USA

    Oh yeah. More hours playing with it. Great sampler. This is just the easiest machine to get creative on. I cracked the manual. I watched some tutorial videos too. Great amount of info at quick reach when needed.

    Superb fun.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USA

    Watched more tutorial videos and read more of the manual. Starting to learn my way around the excellent shortcuts. Got my TR-08 and Nord Rack 2X hooked up playing around with stuff. All weekend playing with this. Incredible machine. So glad I waited instead of trying out something else. This one is really doing it for me. Outstanding.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USA

    Worked on a new drum n bass song all weekend with my Spectralis 2 and Deluge. It was fantastic to just get ideas out and fine tune tracks, pick samples, add fx, play out synth parts. Been awhile since firing up the Specki, but it came back to me. Deluge was just easy and giving me what I needed quickly.

    Tomorrow will be two weeks with this thing. Still can’t believe I found a machine that delivers like this one for this price. I was so close to hitting buy on a Squarp Pyramid and not feeling what the new MPC’s are dealing with in bugs or undelivered features promised.

    I think the Pyramid would have fit my needs on a sequencer, but lacking a synth and sampler, it just couldn’t compete in the price range next to the Deluge.

    Anyway, I needed to update in this thread because it seems a lot of other areas filled with suggestions or questions or critique.

    This my own personal praise thread as it’s turning out. What a musical piece of gear.

    I think contrast is helping me here too. My iPad apps are great and fast but not tactile like the Deluge. My old MV8800 is deep and has a million ways to accomplish what you need, but is limited by pc133 bus speeds and no disk streaming. My Spectralis is amazing but has a lot of options in nested pages and is a multisample or sample playback machine rather than a modern sampler. Limited by memory size and buggy SD card slot. Great synths, filters, step sequencers, and deep ability, but not the clever interface conducive to speed.

    Just discovered tonight about midi tracks and programming CC info for every button on the quick access buttons tied to the two gold controllers. Really great. Had a new TB-03 arrive today and quickly was able to setup a midi track and switch between CC’s 74,71,75,73,12,102, and 17 mapped to buttons the gold pots control. For the TB-03 that’s Cutoff, Resonance, Decay, Env Mod, Slide, and Overdrive Amount. Quickly setup my sequence notes in a couple bars and now have live manipulation of all those parameters and could record if I wanted to (like the live action though). That Slide action of a tb-303 is not limited to using strictly the tb-03 sequencer. It comes out great programmed on the Deluge with correct CC maps. Unmistakably the 303 sound and behavior but all using Deluge to program the track. Much easier and much easier to edit. Fun stuff.

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa

    @vondragonnoggin i feel ya. Had the deluge since jan, and im still happily peeling at the top layer of its potential.
    Its a keeper as it is, but with the firmware getting updated and the community here so involved and the devs bustin ass, its awesome to have a ticket to ride. 😎
    Cool to know how the tb-03 gets along with it, ive considered hooking one up.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USA

    So far everything plays good with it. I picked up a midi event filter and going to set it up inline before a 5 way thru box to filter out start/stop messages and use it with my three Mother 32’s and another Boutique. I like the built in sequencers on the Moog’s fine, but no setting to ignore start messages by midi. The compact Mother 32’s in their three tier Rack will get way more use from me hooked to the Deluge sequencer and combined with a boutique will still have a relatively small footprint. B)

    It will be awhile exploring the Deluge still to get everything out of it possible. Particularly with 2.0 around the corner. Exciting times for me. The fast workflow has me excited about taking a sequencer to jam with friends without having to pre-setup a lot of sequences. Its fast enough working on it to get a bunch of new ideas honed during a session.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USA

    I love this sampler. Stretching is great with link. Everything about this machine is pretty awesome.

    Those 2.0 features will be great too of course, but the machine is so fast already to create on and jam on.

    Using it every day like crazy when not working.

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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany

    hrhr :)

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