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New arranger mode - sketchy demo

Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandStaff

Hey team, so some footage was shot today from Superbooth, but might not be edited and online for a while yet so I made a sketchy video in my airbnb. I'm so jetlagged I can barely talk straight so not elaborating or describing very well how it works, but you'll get the gist...also, wasn't able to properly record audio.
Something I don't mention properly in the video is that each row in the arranger is where you place the various versions of each track. So if you have multiple tracks using the same synth patch, or kit, they will all be on the one row in the arranger and you select which version plays when....sorry, I don't show that clearly, it will make sense when you play with it.
Sorry for the awful production values.
Please don't share this video beyond the Synthstrom sites, it's pretty painful, lol...and hopefully some decent video will be online very soon....this is just a stop gap.

Ian "Frivolous Features" Jorgensen


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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany

    cool.. i have seen that today! thats awesome :) thanks to synthstrom.

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    n00bn00b Space

    Wow, that I can really appreciate. Genius indeed!

    Props to Rohan! Perfect solution. Can't wait till it gets released.

    'Bad sound kills good music!'

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    n00bn00b Space

    Sleep tight btw :D

    'Bad sound kills good music!'

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa

    Man, the arranger's unique-instance feature reminds me a bit of what i enjoy about traditional DAWs, making timeline edits....also live recording of your performances. Big up.
    Fantastic work going on.
    The Deluge checks off so many of those boxes you hear everyone wishing their gear could do. Props for you guys pulling this off as a small crew and showing the dedication to not just try and hype a box and sell-out. Thanks.

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    OnoSendaiOnoSendai Berlin

    Thank you so much for presenting that to us on the superbooth 🌻. It is really pretty awesome. I'm very excited and already dreaming of june ;)

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    patchpatch Ireland

    Thanks for the sneak peek!
    This looks great. People keep saying it but it really is remarkable to have a developer make Consistent improvements as promised, repeatedly.
    Great work.

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    fluteheadflutehead Frankfurt, Germany

    Thanks Ian for your time and presenting this! Amazing how you guys come up with such smooth workflows! Can't wait to use this is a real impro session over any song ...

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    FASTFAST California

    Nailed it! Thank you Rohan for the brilliant implementation. Thank you Ian for the sneak peek.

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    thejohnpepethejohnpepe United States (Boston Area)

    wow, thanks for the demo, looks like it will be great!

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    MoonWolfMoonWolf United Kingdom

    Yup, looks marvellous.
    Looking forward to this update.

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    HaggisHombreHaggisHombre Goodyear

    It is awesome, I am new to the Deluge by about 2 weeks and now this, what an amazing box. I enjoy working in my DAW but this is a great way to take a break from that. Enjoyed the videos of you at Super Booth, so no worries. If we had it scrolling top to bottom we could have seen more tracks. Was that ever a consideration? It would be nice to choose which way or even move between them, am I asking for to much:)

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