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No Limits


Sam just posted that the new firmware will increase assignable learns from 12 to unlimited. I actually don't know why I'm so excited about this change as it's relatively minor & won't make a huge increase in my productivity but I'm ecstatic about it. Maybe it's just knowing Rohan & Ian are so responsive to users or that I get to twiddle more knobs. Anyway, onto my main, semi-related point ...

One of my main frustrations with the Deluge (I like it very much ... almost love it ...) is what appears to be programmer-designed limits into the machine. Rohan usually gets most of the interface decisions right, that's why the box is so nice but in weird, mostly minor cases, it's like he's deciding how you should use the box .... like why can't I MIDI-assign the OSC TYPE? Why can't I drone-note/stretch a kick-drum? Not sure why I wanted to but sometimes the best shit comes out of not doing things the way they're supposed to. Whole pieces of music history have come out of people not using things the way they were supposed to.

I was a programmer in a previous life & it always amazed me just how quickly it took for testers to do things with/to my program which I never intended. Now, I don't know if the Deluge limits are imposed by hardware but for those that aren't, might I respectfully request that Rohan err on the side of no limits? Users may surprise you with where they take this box, though judging from the artist packs, it's aimed beyond the techno/club/dance/hip hop set, in which case less limits is essential.


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    DVBDVB USAPosts: 48

    One of my pet peeve "limit" may in fact actually be a bug ... I hated that I wasn't allowed to use the same synth patch on multiple tracks & in fact, was even prevented from choosing a previous synth patch on a new track. I just worked around it by changing the original, say 5, a little bit so the machine made it 5A & now 5 is available again for selection. PITA.

    But just turning it on, the Deluge actually auto-increments the very 1st 0 synth if it's used again (to 0a) but then stops doing so the next time & then the previously used synth patches are not available for selection. But judging from the initial behavior, seems like Rohan intended for it to auto-increment synth patches, like the re-selected MIDI channels do.

    Not sure if this is the proper forum for bug reports.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator Posts: 682

    @DVB You don't have to make changes to a patch to make a new iteration of it ...

    If you have a patch that you want to duplicate and have multiples of it play at the same time, you simply enter the audio editor in that patch (press Select knob) and then press Save to save to a new letter.
    That's how you save patches in general.

    As you may know, cloning the tracks/patches (by holding a track and pressing another row in song view) is for making it easy to have different sections with the same instrument, where you don't have to mute/unmute both to switch between them :)

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    DVBDVB USAPosts: 48

    I don't have the machine in front of me but wouldn't your workaround save it globally? So over time, you'd accumulate lots of duplicated synths to scroll past. I think the way I do it, the changed synth is saved only within the project. Can confirm later. Neither is ideal.

    Yes, the manual gives switching basslines as an example. So the machine has been designed assuming you're more likely to switch basslines than say have the same voice play a counterpoint melody to be triggered in & out or have the same track doubled & panned but with one modulated & one clean. Or other variations that may be impossible to anticipate.

    The way Rohan does it is great IF he had set it as a default that could be switched. There's no reason to prevent me selecting the synth at all if it automatically chokes dupe voices anyway & seems like you should be able to change it to not choke dupe voices by default. That's what I mean by making design decisions erring more on freedom vs limits.

    Anyway, it was meant as constructive criticism. The machine is very nice & every indication that it's going to get better. Because it can do so much, running across these weird limits is baffling. I was completely dumbfounded when I tried to plug the Deluge into my laptop to load samples, for instance.

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    StromerStromer GermanyPosts: 55

    I've heard that the new fw 2.0 beta has no unlimited MIDI-assignments. For my kind of working with synths its very important that all parameter can be programmed intuitiv by an external controller and not via awkward key-combinations one by one. Hope they will change this with the final release.

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 18

    Just read the specs of the new pioneer toraiz squid which has 5 midi CC per track..

    As far i have used with my Deluge, you have at least 16 CC per track and you have actually no limits how much tracks you create.. because one track sending to Midi CH 1, another one is called 1A, 1B , 1C, 1D... and sending also. So 16CH+26*16CH = 432 Tracks with 16CC = 6912 CC's
    not anouth? ;)

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