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Add option to send MIDI clock while externally synced

tacharontacharon Hamburg

The Deluge does currently send MIDI clock at its output port only as long as it is itself not synced via MIDi clock from its input port. As soon as the Deluge is slaved to an external MIDI clock it does not send MIDI clock anymore. While this may be a good default for certain standard setups (to avoid duplicate clock messages in a system), it is a severe limitation in case some MIDI synths or expanders, which are only controlled by the Deluge, should sync their LFOs to MIDI clock (or, as in my case, to use the clock/reset/run outputs of a modular MIDI interface) while the Deluge is synced to a master clock.
The current setting "On" in the Settings menu MIDI > Clock > Out should be renamed to "auto", and a new setting "On" should do what it says under all circumstances.

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    Unless I'm missing something or you for some reason wanna send a different tempo out of the D than what's going in, you can turn on midi THRU in the settings menu and it'll pass on the clock signal ?

    Works for me anyway :)

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    tacharontacharon Hamburg
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    Excellent, thank you! I will try that. However, with MIDI Thru = On also all channel messages intended to control the Deluge are passed through to the output. This may still be an almost irrelevant issue now, but as soon as the support of external controller keyboards/boxes is improved up to the point of being actually useable (by introducing global assignments, valid just for the edited track) it will become more relevant. Because this structure limits the choice of controllers for editing the Deluge to those, which are securely ignored by any MIDI devices sequenced by the Deluge (in case MIDI clock is also required to be sent to those devices). Channel and real-time messages need separate through switches!

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    Separate thru's would be splendid :)

    Otherwise, a midi filter would need to be placed in the chain !

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