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Greetings People of Planet Deluge!!

bryanbbryanb RI, USAPosts: 1
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Hi all -

I am here to ask some pre-purchase questions and to get an overall sense of how people are using this product. From what I see and read in the videos and reviews, it is a very impressive instrument. I am hoping it will work for my needs too. I am a bass player in a band that plays heavily melodic indie rock with some psychedelic flavor. I am heavily influenced by bands like Critters Buggin, Sylvan Esso, Bjork, Guerilla Toss, and Death Grips. I am looking for ways to bring keys/samples/beats into our sound to fill out our three piece + vocals arrangements. I look forward to picking your brains!!

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 286
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    It can probably do what you're looking for cas its a swiss army knife of sorts...but it could also be over-kill for what you're after.
    Its main crowd, i would say, is folks wanting the sequencing power of a computer without the drawbacks of being 'in the box'. As a sound sculpting tool, its also impressive, and i learn more about its capabilites each time i turn it on. Its also got clever, dedicated developers, so the future looks bright.
    Maybe be a little more specific with what your after.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayPosts: 469

    It'll definitely be a nice small & compact yet very powerful solution for keys/samples/beats, but yeah as minigoat said you should give some more details :)

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