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Bivins Two-Hour Challenge


Here we go!


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    davidbivinsdavidbivins Brooklyn, NYPosts: 5
    edited May 2017

    Here are my eight tracks. Bass lines up top in green (2); then a melodic line; then 4-8 drums and a fill; and finally another melodic track.
    [EDIT: images not showing up?]

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    davidbivinsdavidbivins Brooklyn, NYPosts: 5

    iPhone audio. Just a quick thing well under the two-hour limit, but I was just having a blast and I'm impatient. I have a lot of manual reading to do. I accidentally recorded a parameter somewhere that I couldn't get rid of (because I didn't know where I had picked it up), so I deleted an entire track and started over. No big deal.
    I'm excited to figure out the best way for me to construct a song and to incorporate CV-based synths into the workflow.

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    workergrayworkergray Saint Petersburg FloridaPosts: 180

    Good job! Has a kind of "80's" vibe to it that I appreciate!

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    JupitorJupitor NorthCakiLackyPosts: 2

    That had a great energy.. MiamiVice style..

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