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Fill button like tr-808 or HR-16


per track. or some comparable function


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    alien_brainalien_brain yer moms house

    i know this is unlikely but it just shows the ease of use classic gear had that would be very welcome on todays gear...

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    FASTFAST California

    Maybe something like a choke feature in the track view. That plus probabilities on your fill track would be super useful in live play. A nice merger of new and old.

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    bracketsbrackets Barcelona


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    alien_brainalien_brain yer moms house

    meh i agree but something along the same lines like triggering patterns from the buttons

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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USA

    The thing is - you can have as many different Fills or variations as you want already!
    Using the different colored launch sets

    This is far better than TR8s for sequencing, part of why I didn't buy it.

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa

    Was just thinking a "secondary" song mode that is like abletons session mode, as has been suggested before, to use the matrix as a track launcher, would be great for fast cuts and fills. They could be un quantized or at various notes, quarter eight ect. That along with a "scene capture" feature that grouped the current playing tracks together.

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    alien_brainalien_brain yer moms house

    yeah see. heres a man who gets it

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