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Weird Tempo Doubling Sync Issue


Hi all!

So when syncing up my Deluge to Reaper a weird thing has been happening. Here's a video detailing the issue.

In short... if my DAW has a SLOWER BPM than the deluge is currently set to... when the DAW starts sending clock the Deluge syncs but at double the rate. Any ideas? |


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    EddyEddy Cologne

    Go to the Settings Menu (Shift+Select) there are certain options as I remember that could solve the problem.
    This is also documented in the manual.

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    chvadchvad Brooklyn, NY

    That did it! Thanks man. When digging through the manual I kept searching for sync or similar terms. tempo magnitude matching is a new phrase for me! I appreciate the heads up! |

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa
    You can use that feature to cool effect when deluge is slaved. I thnks its: hold shift and down press the tempo knob and it will halve the tempo. Also in track mode, hit the sync scaling button and the tempo will stretch to fit the length of the track your on, whatever even or odd length its at. So say that track is an odd 11 steps, hit tempo sync and all the tracks set to scale mode will be stretched to fit inside a 11 step loop. Can cone up with some cool rhythms like that.
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    chvadchvad Brooklyn, NY

    Thanks for the tips minigoat! Def some cool ideas and implementations! |

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