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Step to?

EddyEddy Cologne

I really like to work on the Deluge like this:

i think it is possible with the features the Deluge already has....I want to elaborate this with the help of experienced and interested Delugionists
First Question: Is it a spliced sample that is distributed over the track pads on the Electribe?


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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa
    No. The step jump on the tribes is a sequencer effect. Meaning, its not from chopped samples but triggering the 16th note divisions of the pattern sequencer. It can be done on the synth version also.
    This video is demostration something of an undocumented "glitch" you could take atvantage of by using the pad's gate arp function while in step jump mode.
    Step jump is definitely one of my fav features of the newest tribes.
    The Deluge cant retrigger its playback / transport without stoping and restarting play, as far as I know. Maayyybe by some creative external midi setup you could pull it off?
    Im still green with the machine tho so, maybe someone more clever has discovered a way to do something similar?
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