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Extending note length with knob and Setting default Note Length

rpc9943rpc9943 New York usa

Right now we have it defaulted to 1 step.
A secondary method to extend note length, using a knob, while the note is being held down, with LED showing amount of steps for the length.
also a way to set a "default" note length. This would make longer notes be a single press, speeding up the entire step sequencing process.

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    Great idea.

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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usa
    I think this could be implemented as Changing the note length by holding the note and turning the horizontal knob, and would remember that length until adjusted again. LED could show note length in numbers
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    The more I use DELUGE the more I appreciate how things are done. With note length is very logical how it works.

    Although I agree to use the <> knob to change note lengths for multiple notes..Will see how Rohan will nail down the multi-note selection.

    If I need mostly long notes, I extend the track to 4-8 bars and place some notes by single taps. If I need to shorten them I increase the zoom and click the note tail to shorten the note.

    The other way around is easy too. Using two fingers to get the note to desired length. If I need a chord just use 6 fingers ...

    Much easier than using mouse in DAW... too many clicks :)

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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usa
    Incredibly fast note entry and awesome intuitive ui is why I got this thing . This option would really make it feel like at home with all of the other editing options. Along with what we already have.
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    OmskInfoOmskInfo Berlin, Deutschland

    I agree with using a knob to control the length, especially if the knob provides a resolution finer than the current zoom level. Can save some time (avoiding zooming in), and would also make the adjustment of note lengths for notes that extend beyond the right side of the matrix much easier (it's currently easy to shorten the length of these notes by touching the dim pads on the page following the note on, but making them longer is really crazy).

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    Agree! +1
    Could be useful to make an extremely long notes - longer as the current zoom level.

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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usa
    Also for short ;)
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    ... and how do we extend length for note to go across two bar... or ends in the beginning of the track... (sample type can already overflow to the begging of the track (started at the last bar) anybody asked this question ? I guess this feature would take care of it :)

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, Germany
    Is this what you mean.
    From the manual... I keep forgetting it so I'm partially posting to remember...

    Since the track view edits a sequence which will play repeatedly, it is foreseeable that you may wish to create a note which begins toward the end of the sequence, and extends so that it continues back into the beginning of the sequence - to continue sounding even after the sequence has restarted. To do this, create the note at the point in time where you wish it to begin, and then (even after scrolling or zooming if you wish) press down on the ◄► knob and press the final pad that you wish the note to occupy (this will presumably be to the left of where the note started).
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    tangramtangram Oslo, Norway
    edited June 2017

    By the way, I came across a couple of situations related to the functionality @MatthewGeorge mentions. I've had notes that extend across pages. Say you need 16th note resolution, but quarter note lengths, and you want the note start at the end of bar one and extend into bar two of a two bar loop. Works there as well. So thumbs up*.

    *(edit: I wrote two more paragraphs, but using a utf-8 thumbs up threw away the rest of the post. Pretty aggressive input sanitizting there.)

    I've also had notes that I wanted to extend past the end of the track, and then activate a new section (which ends the first track). Doesn't work there. I didn't really expect it to, but the problem remains.

    Being able to set the note length numerically (part of OPs original request), and have the note length respected regardless of which track is playing would fix this. Which is also related to this request.

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