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Renaming recorded samples: Cross-references in soundSources on SD card


I wanted to organize my RECxxxxx.WAV files and rename them to some meaningful entries. Now, as I have already used them in some kits, synths and songs, do I get it correctly that I have to globally search and replace the full path in all files on the SD card?


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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    a fix missing samples function would be helpful. easy job for external software i reckon.

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff
    edited March 19

    @flutehead Yeah, unfortunately @amiga909 is correct on this one. Feel free to post a firmware suggestion on that part of the forum though, if you can think of a good idea/feature that would make this easier :smile:

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa
    A "collect all samples and save" feature that collects all used samples and places them in a seprate dedicated song folder and references that folder after save would be great.
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    fluteheadflutehead Frankfurt, Germany

    @minigoat That's a good idea to mitigate the risk of being lost. I'm afraid anything else would be beyond the scope of the firmware, as this is effectively a separate file manager utility that would read and manipulate the data in its proper structure, observing referential integrity. Features should include:

    • Show song->synth dependencies (Downrush has this already)
    • Show song->sample and synth->sample dependencies (Downrush has this already)
    • Allow to navigate from sample to referencing synths and songs
    • Allow to create new folders, move and rename sample files while updating all references in all XML files when saving
    • Identify unused sample files
    • Show used samples, grouped by song or synth versions (this would allow to "upgrade" from former versions of the sample to newer ones, leaving the old ones for deletion)

    Hmm ... need to find a suitable GUI framework to prototype that ...

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    fluteheadflutehead Frankfurt, Germany

    Just another one: Has anybody found out what the sub-slot -1 signifies? E.g.:


    0 seems to be the original one, and 1,2,3, ... correspond to the versions with suffixes A,B,C ...

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