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Custom knobs


Where can I find which function is assigned to the custom knobs 1 to 3?


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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyPosts: 223
    Currently you can't easily. Would make a good suggestion if it isn't already.
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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi @Eddy! Custom 1 typically controls pitch for sample-based sounds, or portamento for synth sounds. Custom 2 and 3 control sample rate reduction and bitcrushing respectively for kits or songs in “affect entire” mode, and for most sample-based sounds. For synth sounds, custom 2 and 3 change a bit, depending on the preset and I'd agree with @MatthewGeorge - it would make a good suggestion. Alternatively, if you're building your own patches, you could try assigning those knobs to a set parameters you've decided on - that way you can "standardize" your own, custom way :smile:

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