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add modulation macros


that basically momentarily enact a modulation routing that you have set up (aside from the normal voice mod routing). this way you can 'play' your tweaks back and animate the patch beyond what is possible with a static setup. this is like the novation ultranova in concept. this would perhaps require an external midi controller. ideally you could assign these system wide or to many properites of many tracks simultaneously and perhaps would include another global lfo or 12...

lets really animate this thing.


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    alien_brainalien_brain yer moms house

    this will minimize midi traffic to the SINGLE MIDI I/O. btw the usb midi timing sucks as far as i could tell.

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    alien_brainalien_brain yer moms house

    4 or so of these could be available to every track as a system wide control point which in turn is controlled by a specific cc assignment to an external midi controller

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