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Interrupt load

By triple pressing on the grid, when loading a song is selected but before the song is loaded, next song loads in time that is the minimum one amongst the current and next song time.
So, if we have 87b that lasts for 16 bars and 87c that lasts 4 bars, by doing this we could go from 87b to 87c in four bars instead of waiting for 16 bars.
This is useful in terms of flow when performing or composing, especially for soundtrack type creations.
There could be extra control concerning the magnitude of time that the load will take place, like 1/8 of song length change etc.


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    Create an empty 4-bar track in 87b. The deluge will change patterns after the shortest track loops.

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    yorgosyorgos greecePosts: 40
    Sorry mate, but deluge changes patterns after the longest track loops.
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    amiga909amiga909 SwitzerlandPosts: 551

    interesting idea. could get complicated to use. as for now u have to clone ur 16 bars track and shorten it to 4 bars which is not optimal. still it is a simple scene variation u seem to be looking for.
    i see tha big need for easier scene variations. they clutch up my grid quickly and at least for me its tricky to keep scenes organized. i like Deluges freedom to reorder any track but maybe it would have been better if either clones of a track or all tracks that belong to a scene had to stick together. sorry slightly off topic.

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    yorgosyorgos greecePosts: 40
    I agree it can get complicated to use or even unpredictable.
    For me it is not about easier scene variaton, but rather about instant control (which I value a lot).
    It is more than useful when performing live cause it allows for a phrase to be manipulated in many ways and it really is essential if you want to make breaks with the participation of the audience.
    If it was another sequencer/sampler I would not propose anything similar, but since deluge has the ability for shortcuts, why not to implement.
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