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Pairing the Deluge with the newest Electribes - SO MUCH POTENTIAL

minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa

Anyone else using an E2 as a master controller for the deluge? the potentials are fantastic. Mapping sections and mutes to any of the e2s 16 parts/sequencers can easily create a saveable "song mode." Just play back the E2s pattern and it will trigger thru all the mutes and sections in any order you want.
Also using an e2 synth part's knobs to map to deluges synths and kits gives you 16 different midi channels to map to any kit or synth parameter on the deluge.
And im really having fun with sync scaling on the deluge, which is only available when slaved. Using the learn+tempo knob to instantly halve or double the tempo to the e2 clock is great, especially since that setting is saved to the song.
you can also map a midi program change track created on the deluge to launch from an e2 sequence back to the deluge that will change the e2s own patterns...all in time with each other.

annnd all of that while using the e2s output as an input into the deluge. FANTASTIC
im going to be hard pressed to run out of options with this setup for sure.
if anyone has an electribe nearby i recommend you try them out together and would like to hear how anyone else is utilizing them together.


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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USA

    Interesting, I will try this. This Deluge has been intended to perhaps replace ( ! ) my Electribes for live shows, we'll see after the learning curve.
    ( The reason was - sequencer too simple, preferred ESX button type, etc... )

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    chvadchvad Brooklyn, NY

    You know... i grabbed the deluge top replace my electribe sampler as well but I spent some time this weekend with the two together and it's totally true... the electribe is a FANTASTIC extension to the deluge. Having each pad on the electribe assigned to different midi channels in the past has been a pain in the ass for me using it as a drum controller but in the deluge context, it's a minor miracle. it's really great. also having some sturdier pads to thwack on is a nice bonus. super happy i tried this. thanks for the idea minigoat. |

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    BobbiPeruBobbiPeru Oakland, CA

    Would this scenario still work with the Deluge as a midi controller for several external devices?

    I'm not sure I get the mappings, are there any further documents or videos illustrating how these work together? (nudge VJFK)

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