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Alternate note input mode


Piano roll is kinda a pain for inputting extended chords and what not, so I want to propose a new sequencing mode that could be provided as a secondary mode to the current sequencing workflow, maybe selectable per track (since piano roll is fantastic for drums and mono lines).

The idea is basically instead of working in the piano roll, every step only takes a single pad of the deluge giving you access to a full 128 steps in a screen. To select a note (or an entire chord) you would hold the keyboard button and play the note or chord (or play the notes on an external keyboard). After the note/chord is selected, you just click the steps of where to put the notes. Sustained notes can be programmed exactly like they are now, but with the extended view, you can sustain easier, and see more of the composition.

This could also have different views, one that only shows the notes you have selected, and one that shows every note placed in the view. This would allow per note note lengths or velocity to be programmed instead of doing full chord note lengths, or just have them grouped for quicker editing.

This is largely inspired by the step sequencing workflow of the Squarp pyramid, but I think it would be a great alternative. Piano roll is frustrating at times, and more options for working would be wonderful, especially with larger 5+ note chords. The 128 button layout of the deluge would really let the user take the ideas of that sequencer, and really make it way stronger than it already is.

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