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Work Flow and File Management...How do you like to build songs and keep them tidy with the Deluge?


Have you discovered any good habits you'd like to share? Have you found reliable ways of creating songs that keep samples, kits and synths relevant and prevents them from getting lost in the event of a moved or replaced folder?
It would be nice to get a list going of users workflow as we progress with this great little box...


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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    My structure looks like this:
    drmL //drum koops
    drnS // drum single shots
    vox // human voice
    sfx // various fx
    inst // synths, piano, ..
    _iso // sample libaries, rather temporary

    I've started a sample manager tool for Deluge,
    currently the only thing it does is archiving unused recordings.
    Upgraded to a 32GB card, dont have storage issues right now. Things on my mind:

    • archive all unused samples
    • backup songs: fetch all samples used in a song, move the samples to a new folder and rewrite the song xml accordingly. dont know how to deal with kits yet (kits used in multiple songs).
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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa
    edited February 10
    Ill have to check out that compiler your working on. Very cool. Even just keeping separate what youre not using is helpful. Have you seen theres a kit compiler? It creates kits from all the samples in the folder you run it in. Im away from my computer to share a link right now.
    Also, I like the naming convention youve chosen for browsing on the deluge screen.
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    The upcoming update currently in beta right now has, among other things, scrolling screen text, so it can display full filenames instead of just 4 letters. It scrolls automatically and can be manually viewed with the <>-knob as well :)

    That's a big + for keeping samples organized and knowing what's what.

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa
    Cool thanks for the heads up. Thats going to make finding your way around much easier.
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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa

    im still not certain how we should treat the sd card's samples we just create music and never touch it again? is it assumed you would never delete any samples once recorded or added? how do you deal with 20 songs that reference small bits of audio from some of the same sources...say you need to get rid of 5 of the songs and have accumulated 30, 4 min resampling files that some of the remaining 15 songs are referencing...and some of the synths youve made also use snippets of those files, and kits. do you just never clean up anything and carry on accumulating until you run out of card space, afraid to mix or remove anything!?
    ive only begun creating about 12 decent skeletons/sketches so far, maybe 3 or 4 id say are solid keepers, and of those 12 im already missing files from like 4 of them somehow.
    ive stopped the creative process for now, until i can get a grip on how i should structure going forward.
    Embrace the Chaos!? maddnes i tells ya

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    alien_brainalien_brain this side of common sense

    we need a gather files function

    i posted and you had to read it. get over it.

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usa

    @alien_brain +1 to that. Something similair to ableton's 'collect all and save' option would be great. Until then...?

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USA
    edited May 13

    This would be a great feature.

    Beatmaker 2 and 3 have this collect all samples and keep them in a song directory function as did NanoStudio. Very handy for keeping tidy file structure or swapping out samples on the device in order to utilize limited capacity drives better.

    For this machine, it would have seem to need an associated song directory created at save in the SAMPLES folder with samples copied at Save, or a copy to the root of SONGS and the song xml file stores the new path.

    If you dump out all samples later, you would have to be able to browse to SONGS to find a sample you’ve used before if it saved to SONGS folder. Might get messy in SAMPLES creating a bunch of song number/letter iteration directories in there.

    Maybe have a USED_SAMPLES new directory on root of card and they all get a copy in there and path written to xml in song.

    Will be interesting to see how they do it if they decide to in a future update.

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    alien_brainalien_brain this side of common sense

    pack it to a zip even?

    i posted and you had to read it. get over it.

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