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menu sublevel evidence, lock synth\kit to track, load\save disambiguation, virtual buttons


some UI considerations:

  • when browsing menus or samples it would be good to visually know somehow if the voice displayed has another level (folder or submenu). how about using the dot to show that something has a deeper level?
  • having all the synths and kits at a flick of the select encoder is great when are in a composition rush and want a sound as fast as possible, but gets annoying when you are editing and rotate it inadvertely. it halso happens sometimes when I mean to press it to enter edit mode and rotate it instead. having the option to lock a synth/kit to a track would do it for me.
  • I already mentioned that SAVE and LOAD behave exactly the same way visually and geasture wise. this can allow user error
  • when menu browsing, the whole matrix is unused. I think that at list a couple of virtual buttons (text+button area) could fit in there. this would slim menu depth by a good measure. if you add it to vertical and horizontal scroll, then sky is the limit.
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