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[BUG] Arp failure on firmware 1.3.2


Steps to reproduce, with about 50% success rate once you know what you are doing:

  1. Power on the Deluge, it will come up in the default configuration.
  2. Enable the arp, by using the pad shortcut for "mode" and switch the mode to DOWN.
  3. Leave the arp mode menu.
  4. Go to keyboard mode.
  5. Touch the pad for D2. The arp will now start playing.
  6. While lifting the finger from the D2 pad, put down a different finger on the D#2 pad, to the immediate right of the D2 pad.
  7. The arp will not sound, but the keyboard will light up and the seven segment display will light, showing that D#2 is pressed down.
  8. Repeat 6 and 7 until error appears. Best results are obtained if the D#2 pad is pressed a bit after the D2 pad has been released.

Other pad combinations are also effective. This does not occur with arp set to the UP mode. This also does occur outside of keyboard mode, with the use of the audition pads. This also occurs using the piano roll, when trying to sequence notes, though circumstances vary.

Deluge serial number 170512, firmware 1.3.2.

I'm happy to provide a video recording and to provide any other information you may need.


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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 162

    Thanks for the bug report - I've replicated it and will fix it for the upcoming firmware release!

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    remy_luisantremy_luisant CanadaPosts: 10

    My pleasure!

    I'm very happy to help, however I can, in making this little slice of heaven of an instrument even better. Keep on rocking, Rohan!

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