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edisonSFedisonSF United States
i'm edison.
i used to be big into monomes.
my deluge should be here on monday.
i'm super geeked.
gotta say I haven't been this geeked on a piece of gear since the monome.
thanks for making something different and forward thinking.
simple and deep.
can't wait to dive in.

heres my noise:


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    LainHiroLainHiro Seattle, WA

    Still rocking that yellow lunch box?

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    edisonSFedisonSF United States

    its been shelved for quite some time.
    when the monome came out, shit blew my mind.
    so open and simple, but after playing hundreds of shows on them,
    i finally couldnt take the software fiddling, the running 4 softwares at a time, most of which were buggy...
    so kinda stopped playing shows and got into just making beats on ableton and whatevers laying around yo.

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    LainHiroLainHiro Seattle, WA

    You and tehn were inspirations to me back when I was debating getting a monome, but I totally agree about the software. I ended up just buying an APC40 and a launchpad instead. Hope to see some more videos when your Deluge arrives.

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    edisonSFedisonSF United States
    edited February 2

    it showed up today!...
    just firing it up!

    thank you thank you for the kind words!

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