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Recording a sample just creates white noise


When I record a new sample from the built-in microphone, all I seem to be able to record is very loud white noise. When I first got the machine it did record samples as expected but I don't know what has changed.

Can anyone help?


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    Do you have a cable plugged into to the 1/4" audio input jack ? Can't use the mic if so. If there's no actual sound detected in a sample recording but a little bit of noise, it seems to get normalized so that the noise becomes very amplified.

    Did you try flipping the gain switch?
    And/or changing the monitor setting (MONI in the setup menu)?

    If these don't do anything, I guess the mic's busted up and you'd need to send it in for repair :)

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff

    Hi @martyncottey! At a guess, do you have anything plugged into the line in jack? As @Icoustik mentioned, this could cause pretty much exactly the issue you're describing. If not, could you describe the process you're using for recording and what settings (gain switch/monitor setting) you're using? Thanks :smile:

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    Thanks @Icoustik and @Sam for the replies. I've not got anything plugged in anywhere and I've tried recording in both the Lo and Hi gain settings and all three monitor modes. The result is the same.

    I've tested recording from an external mic as well and this works fine. It's only the internal mic that produces white noise.

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    Then I think it MIGHT be faulty. In that case, send a mail directly to

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