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Save a Song with all it's samples

niceszettniceszett Köln

Hey there,

what do you think about an option to save a song with all it's relevant samples together? Right now songs are completly dependent on your sample folder structure. If you change something you really need to rearrange the file pathes in order to load the song correctly.

Maybe it would be possible to save a song within it's own folder contending all the files. Ableton also has a option like this: You can choose whether you would like to just save the project or the project with all it's files.

This would also be a nice addition to share songs easily and to make it compatible to other Deluge's as well.

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    suboscillatorsuboscillator Milwaukee, WI USA
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    +1 Definitely need a "collect all and save" type of feature. Maybe just one folder for the top level project and all the 'a', 'b', etc variants share the same folder. I don't want to create TOO much clutter.

    Only downside is all the space I'd be wasting with like 30 copies of the PO-12 drum kit I use all the time, 'cause if it were possible I'd enable this saving method by default.

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    Definetely cool to have. Not a priority for me. Dont know if there is a hardware sampler that does this.
    I think it is overkill for the Deluge and as said we'll quickly end up with massive redundant data. I have songs that easily use 500mb of sample data (orchestral sounds, long recordings with cut out samples).

    Workaround: incremental backup job for the SD card, so I can go back in time, good enough archive function for me.
    I am careful with my folder structure, so I dont end up moving stuff around afterwards. Also it is easy enough to fix a moved sample manually by editing the XML files.
    Would be a cool feature for a Deluge software editor: Auto-fix missing samples, for example if I need to move some folders.

    Usually I archive songs as WAV mix down of individual tracks anyway. Think I read somewhere a mixdown function is planned already.

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    How do you edit the XML files to rearrange the file path, do you have to change a specific line of code? Would love to do it like this.

    WAV mixdowns are nice but not as tweakable as the original synth or kit track - that's why I would prefer a perfectly backed up song over individually rendered tracks.

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    just open the xml file in /SONGS with a text editor and look for file paths, starting with SAMPLES/.. the „code“ you see is xml, which is markup like html. consider a backup first, u can loose your songs if u dont know what u are doing.

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