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Rhodes el.piano multisample free pack

IcoustikIcoustik Norway
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(Also shared on FB)
Here's a little gift to the community. I've meticulously sampled a Rhodes mk2 electric piano from a Reface CP, and set it up to be played on the Deluge - multi-sampling of every note from C1 to F7.
It sounds really good! There's (quasi)velocity layers when played with a velocity sensitive external keyboard, and other little details to make it nice & responsive.

There's 3 kit versions (kits in named folders), all have notes/ keys assigned to midi channel 1.
The blank song files contain the midi keys note mappings (SONG52 is basically just a backup of SONG51)

¤ The first (KIT951) is with no cc assigns. (the blank song files contain the midi keys note mappings).
¤ Second one (KIT951A) is with cc 33 assigned to control sustain (the release setting on the Deluge) of all the notes (since there's currently no 'affect entire' for the release settings of kits!)
¤ Third one (KIT952) is like the first but with sustain ON and no external assigns - reason is, when using an external knob to control the release of 85+ notes, it seems to move sluggishly and take up a bit of processing while adjusting the parameter.
SO, either use the one with cc assigned to sustain(release) or jump between kit 951 and 952 to turn sustain on/off :) See what works best.

To sum it up, put the whole PIANO folder in your SAMPLES folder, put the kits in the KIT folder and the song files in SONGS folder, and load one of the blank song files to get the note-mappings (midi channel 1) and use kit 951, 951A or 952, preferably with a velocity sensitive keyboard !

Enjoy! :D

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