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Internally route a track's output to another tracks OSC in.


This could be another type for OSC1 and/or OSC2 and would work just like the current live audio In, except that instead of using an external audio source it would route the live output from another track.

This could open up a slew of sonic possibilities, for example:

  • You could create a evolving pad on one track, use it as a audio source on another track's OSC and then gate it by drawing a pattern, you could then add some delay/reverb on top of that for some more spice.
  • Layering effects, like multiple delays.
  • Applying effects in a particular order, like stuttering a track and then applying delay/reverb to it after the stutter.
  • Assigning separate tracks to OSC1 and OSC2 and applying a slow attack to one of the OSCs to morph the sound from one sound to the other.
  • Create a FM synth on one track then assign it to a separate track's OSC and use LPF, HPF and EQ filters to modify the sound, basically creating some sort of crazy subtractive FM synth.


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    @alien_brain said:
    how about we allow multiple tracks to be routed to another track? great idea!

    I'd be happy with a single track per OSC, but multiple tracks would be crazy cool.

    I'm not sure how this could be implemented through UX design though. With a single track I imagine it could work by changing the the OSC1/OSC2 type to something like RERO (rerouting) and then push a pad on the corresponding track, maybe holding down multiple pads to allow multiple tracks.

    Or better yet: Selecting the source could be done by selecting RERO as the OSC type first, then pushing down on the parameter knob to go down one level deeper in the menu which would then highlight the source tracks (brighten it and dim the rest) using the parameter knob would change the currently selected track by making it flash, pushing the parameter knob again would enable/disable that track as a input. Oh man, that would be brilliant!

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