Drum Synthesis (in Kit mode) on the Deluge

MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyPosts: 129
Hey All.
Anybody trying this out.
If so how's it going?
it's smoother after the release of v1.3.1

I've had a play round with Neil's preset. (Thanks again Neil)
Which you can find here: http://forums.synthstrom.com/discussion/398/neils-drumsynth-presets/p1 (thanks @Icoustik)

I've been trying to read this it's great but I wish I had it as a book:

I've read a few other things and have started looking at how drums are made on other synths.
So yeah if anybody knows of some other resources or has made a preset they would like to share please post here.


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