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Holding notes in keyboard mode

KlaustrophilKlaustrophil Posts: 39
edited December 2017 in Deluge Software Suggestions

Add an option to hold the pressed keys in keyboard mode. This would be very useful for creating quick drones and also in combination with the arpeggiator.

MVP (minimal viable product)/implementation suggestion
- Press and hold one or more notes in keyboard mode
- Press the "learn" button
- Release the keys
- The keys are now hold
- To undo this, press the "learn" button again

- This could also work while in track view by working with the "audition" buttons.
- Adding notes to the sequence when in ARP mode could work by holding "learn" and pressing one or more additional keys

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    TactileAFTactileAF Perth, Western AustraliaPosts: 21
    edited December 2017

    +1 Just yesterday I was thinking a 'Latch' mode for the arp in keyboard mode would be great. Upvoted!

    edit: Although I'm not a fan of holding a button to do this, I think toggling the 'hold' mode on or off would work better, free up the other hand for tweaking :)

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