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New Deluge user


Just got that thing today and would like to say hello to the community and share a first impression.
Which deserves loads of consideration as I am in the music gear game since 25y and the first impression - although uneducated - of new gear is what seems to have a strong hold for me.
So there we are. Here it comes. ;-)

Nice gear Rohan! I cant believe this thing has one of the best step sequencers seen in hardware and I can just plug it out everywhere and play on via the internal loudspeaker. It its truly unbelievable how a small company from a faraway island single-handed steps up what I thought is possible with portable music making. Deluge would be a superb sampler without battery mode or even the internal synth.
For 1000 it is a steal. Thanks for the excellent shipping too. Expecting to get served in January maybe, I was stunned to hold in my hands within 5 days (Central Europe).



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