One Weekend

dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, GermanyPosts: 26


i just want to say how impressed i am from the Deluge. Im sure i have only scratched the surface in the Last days but it is such a fun to use it. The sound is awesome and the usability phenomenal. Best hardware Sequencer Grovebox i have ever used.

I love

Real time recording / automation of the nobs.
Parameter lock
The sequencer and editing functions .. ( duplicate and zoom and cross screen edit ( auto fill ) ) bam!
The sound .. even the fx are usable

etc .,.

i dont miss:

The Display. ( That was the only thing i was insecure about. But thats a no Brainer. You just dont need it. )

Once the user understands the design of the Surface of the deluge the fun begins. And there are so much intelligent functions and shortcuts . .. its just fun.

Thank you :)


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