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Global setting for permanent Line-In Monitoring


Hey! I'd like to suggest adding a global setting that enables line-in monitoring, independent of any synth that might be using line as oscillator setting. This line-in monitoring wouldn't need to have any effects applied (though that ability would be kinda cool to have as an extra), and I would even go as far as saying that it should be enabled by default.
Reason for this is that the current modes are cumbersome to use and apparently don't work unless you're either in play or play+record mode.

And for reference, look no further than the Access Virus TI, which has exactly this setting. The Fantom G even has a dedicated "Mix In" button on the panel.

I like the flexibility of the current synth oscillator line in mode for doing crazy stuff, but I feel the Deluge does need a way to just pipe the line in through, even (and especially) while not playing.


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    Absolutely! Don‘t understand why there is “just“ this fancy (though it could be cool of course) input with all that mighty possibilities - but not a simple audio thrugh?? I just can hear something if the deluge is running and before there are many steps to do if I just want to hear my connected synths. Then when creating songs, I always need to copy the “audio thrugh track“ many many times, otherwise it’s not hearable in other scenes again. Why so unbelievable complicated?

    I also think the audio thrugh function is basic, so it should be activated by default. In the settings menu the user should be able to change from through to the current behavior.

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    rpc9943rpc9943 New York usa

    Yes this would be good. I say, it could be a setting for it to be "on" all the time, "off" all the time (as we currently have) and "auto" which would turn off when you press play, in other words if it is not playing it would have it on, and if you press play it would only be heard if we have an audio in oscillator

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, Germany
    It does really need to be it's own setting/preset. Maybe something like midi channel 0? I've got a number of unsaved synth presets that are just line in monitors.
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    LjkLjk Austin Tx USA


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    very needed :)

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