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Insert paste for part of sequenced notes on a track

This can be made in the following way:
Ability to copy zoom region and then paste at the end of a newly selected zoom region.
Possible shortcuts: shift+down left black encoder to chose and the same to paste.
Any suggestions that would make this work more efficiently are more than welcomed.


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    VoltVolt Posts: 51

    There already is a request for copy and paste: :)

    Currently there is just a rudimentary duplicate funtion. Though I like to be able to paste it where I like, not just at the end of a pattern. In example bar/page 4 to bar/page 2. It should be also possible to copy single tracks to other save slots (“songs”).

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    yorgosyorgos greecePosts: 40
    If you check the detais of my suggestion you will see how your request can be implemented with just two clicks.
    This is a full workflow solution in my opinion.
    Do you feel it would be better if i was deleting this post and incorporated my two cents on the comments of the other discussion?
    About the copying of single tracks maybe there should be a new discussion, so that Rohan will take notice of it, cause it feels to me that he will fix it in no time.
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    VoltVolt Posts: 51

    No reason to feel attacked! I just wanted to help. For me a copy function is a copy function. But if you like you can split the topic. No problem, honestly.

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    yorgosyorgos greecePosts: 40
    edited November 2017
    Sorry, you got me wrong.
    I really appreciate your help and i am thankful, but i am a new forum user and some things i just don't know how to use them in correct context.
    Also, I don't want to split the topic at all, but i would like it to be easier to see what is a request and what is a suggestion, for practical reasons, cause we have like 200 hundred different points of view and it is diffucult to be coherent.
    So, i was really asking if I should incorporate it to the other discussion, and from what it is, it seems this is the normal procedure.
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    VoltVolt Posts: 51

    No problem, then I got you wrong. :smile:
    I don’t think here are specific “laws“ how to post. Just thought that‘s better to keep similar topic together, so Rohan (the developer) can find things in one place and also can see the votes for a request/suggestion easier.

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