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status pages and skip solution for sounds / songs


When the song number is blinking use the Audition buttons to skip by 128 or by 80 (read below)

Top audition pad selects songs 0-127 for preview and jump to song 0
The Second audition pad from the top previews 128-256 songs/sounds on matrix and skip to song number 128

For people who don’t like binary this skip could go by 80. Example:

Click Top Audition button (0-79) will skip to song 0 and show status of 0-79 on the pads
The Second from top 80-159 skip to song 80 and show status of 80-159

The same solution for sounds selection preview
The matrix will indicate which slots are occupied.
No light the position is empty

The color/intensity of the pad indicates
a) number of variations
b) last edited (darker -> old sound/song)
c1) song mode number of tracks
c2) sound mode type of sound sample/FM/Ring
d2) sound mode (sound type blue-bass, green--pad etc)

You could scroll between views using "<> knob”

any tweaks to improve this cool concept ?
PS: I rally like the b) and d2 view in many cases I want to find the oldest songs sounds on a device and NO DEVICE gave me this. Of course computer does :)

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    I agree on all improvements, especially the ones about new old, except i kind of like more to go for the songs through the one encoder and only (by fast turning six clicks).
    There is a discussion i request for that feature.
    It seems to me more elegant and it is , or sure, more elegant than the the one i proposed about alphanumeric keyboard.
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