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Midi clock negative offset for default menu

MyrkMyrk Taunton, UKPosts: 89
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So for some larger setups you can get a bit of midi lag going on (patch bays work wonders but can't solve every problem) - the major case being that the deluge launches perfectly on the clock whilst external synths down chain or through patch bays may be delayed, and this can be quite audible if you have drum rhythms going on - it's no fault of the Deluge - it's an issue with midi and thru on some synths. It's not a feature on any other sequencer I know of (it is on most DAWs though), but it would be great to combat this with a negative offset in ms on each midi channel in a default menu. We can't speed up midi but we can slow down everything to the most effected in a chain. The deluge would then launch its own sounds offset by the largest number of ms of any 1 midi track setting, and then launching other midi channels delayed by the numbers in the negative offset. Playing real time on the deluge would be unaffected by the offset otherwise you'd have to mentally accomodate the delay when you hit a pad which would otherwise be seen as lag... This would be a really neat way to combat midi chaining or midi lag that people experience on some setups.

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