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Stopping a sample from playing when the song stops playing


I have a track that is set to play a very long one shot sample. When the song is stopped, the sample keeps playing until the end. Is there a way to stop it too?


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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff

    Hi @artsun! You'll probably have the sample set to "ONCE" mode. To change this, go to the sound editor for that sample, then under "OSC1", click into "MODE" and you'll be presented with a few options: "ONCE" "LOOP" "STRE"ch and "CUT". You can find the specific definitions of each mode in the manual, but for now, I would suggest selecting "CUT". You might have to re-program the part that's causing the issue as the mode works slightly differently to "ONCE" mode, however you should be able to get the same effect quite easily. Hope that helps :smile:

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    artsunartsun Marseille, France

    Great @Sam, thanks for the answer!

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