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Open source firmware


I see lots of cool ideas here and as a developer I'd love to help out. Open source firmware is a major reason why I bought a Launchpad Pro and it always makes a purchase much easier. By letting users tinker with the firmware you'd make this awesome groovebox even more powerful.


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    I don't think Rohan wants that tho. This project is his brainchild and personal journey to master his craft.
    From what I understand anyway :)

    I agree to both

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    Yeah, I figured it's a long shot, but it's not like that takes anything away from the code that's written. If it's open-sourced then everyone can see what went into it.

    I know Novation open-sourced the Launchpad Pro firmware (which was a major reason why I bought it) and DJ Tech Tools have opened some of the source to some of their controllers, but I realize there's a big difference between open sourcing something like a MIDI controller vs. a whole groovebox like the Deluge.

    Still though, I can dream.

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    Yes dream boldly and brightly!

    Rumor has it that he's onto some superduper wizard code he's been developing for years, still perfecting it, and maybe he doesn't want to openly expose/share that, not yet at least :)

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    Certainly Rohan built the very first deluge for himself and has diligently included any subsequent upgrades-- but for all intents and purposes, he's a CEO of a corporation now. All the other deluges are for "us". I suspect in less than a decade, he'll be thinking about hiring developers, designers, engineers. Fresh eyes, minds and blood in the company gene pool. Synthstrom Audible must eventually diversify the product line because the current hardware WILL come up against some hard limits that competitor's "products-to-be" will eventually surpass.

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    Once he HAS mastered it, we'll see what he decides to do :)

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    StromerStromer Germany

    Maybe it is possible to make an open-source "light" by outsourcing tables and parameter lists via xml or play text? Then you could edit the tables and lists for own cc-assigments, own arpeggio-patterns or color-tables (f.e.).

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    MPrinsenMPrinsen Netherlands

    I don't think the Deluge needs open source firmware with a programmer like Rohan behind it. Just suggest your features and if it is a good suggestion, he will implement it!

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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, Germany

    for a company like synthstrom .. where the code is the value of a company, it is not very clever to make it Opensource ;)

    Maybe it would be better if Bosch / Volkswagen would make their firmware opensource :D

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    dont think making Deluge source code public is primarily a question of keeping business secrets.
    rather a product feature you need to do right. sdk, documentation, training other devs, ..

    there are loads of devices that allow users to code. Sonic Potions LXR, Organelle, Korg littleBits, Anode Meeblip Minicommand, .. seems to me it does not really add much to the product value if u dont invest in custom additions.

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    MPrinsen: There's two "problems" with your suggestion that Rohan will get to all the good features.

    1) He's human and only has so much time.
    2) What if I want a "bad" feature? Music is so varied no set of features will be perfect for everyone. I might want 10 different kinds of noise oscillators and some weird generative sequencer for my music. Most people wouldn't want that so it shouldn't be an official part of the Deluge and it'd be a waste of Rohan's time to implement, but if the firmware was open-source then I could add whatever I can program.

    For people who can't program the benefit is that you can access new third-party features and potentially pay to have someone add a new feature you'd like.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USA

    I would think the problem would be support. Soon you would have 20 different versions and what are they supposed to do? Load up the person’s version to troubleshoot every time someone has an issue they think is hardware related but really issues with their own code?

    Sounds like a nightmare for a small company just trying to get out a good product. There are already some posts with confusion having issues with downrush and behavior of the Deluge. They don’t have time to deal with that. The number of dev’s releasing code as open source for higher spotlight products is rather small in the music gear biz.

    If I was trying to get a product out like Deluge, I would pass on that. Next thing you’d have issues posted on forums that the public would assume was part of the regular product when actually someone’s personal mod code and lose business by way of reputation.

    That doesn’t sound so good and in the end has potential to ruin things for owners if the business model fails. Full control of that in Synthstrom’s hands at least gives a reasonably consistent and finite set of issues to deal with.

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    flipflip California

    Having an open source API with hooks for developers to add into the code is viable IMO. He can keep the main codebase internally managed but facilitate use contributions just like browsers have plugins. It's an attractive way to extend product life and build loyalty if the user base contributes. I'll take the platform model over constant replacement any day. The key from the biz end is to monetize the 'plugins' or 'plugin store'.

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    amiga909amiga909 Switzerland

    yeah, a documentation for the xml files would be cool though. having all data accesible like that is awesome and downrush, angularjs patch library and others showed that open source mentality pays off. would make it easier to develop and maintain custom software to have a technical documentation that keeps up with os updates.

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    @flip said:
    Having an open source API with hooks for developers to add into the code is viable IMO. He can keep the main codebase internally managed but facilitate use contributions just like browsers have plugins.

    I would love this. A Deluge with Mutable Instruments' Clouds built-in...

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    moosiqpiplmoosiqpipl Frankfurt am Main, Germany
    edited June 23

    The source code is Synthstrom's asset and they are handling it quite well. So, there is no need for everyone tinkering with it and cause divergence of development.

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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICA

    There's always seems to be this thread about open sourcing code for little boutique developers. unless it's their idea in the first place, there is no point asking.

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